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The Story Behind KLOTOFY

Updated: Oct 22

It all began when two fashion-obsessed Latinos, tired of the struggles of finding fashion inspiration online, decided to create a platform that would showcase the world of fashion through the eyes of #RealPeople.

Frustrated with the unrealistic stereotypes and lack of representation they often encountered online, they wanted to create a place where users could personalize their discovery experience and find inspiration that spoke to them on a personal level.

KLOTOFY was born- a world that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. People can browse a stream of fashion inspiration and discover new products they'll love, thanks to the app's personalized recommendations through Body and Style matching, toggle-activated algorithmS!

If you have struggled to find fashion inspiration that speaks you, KLOTOFY offers a refreshing and empowering alternative. It allows you to regain confidence when shopping online and sharing your fashion ventures.

KLOTOFY is more than just a fashion app; it's a movement. It's a celebration of diversity and inclusivity in the fashion world, and a commitment to challenging unrealistic stereotypes and promoting a more representative industry.

We believe that fashion should be accessible and inclusive for everyone. That's why our slogan, "A World of Fashion by Real People™," is so important to us.

To us, "A World of Fashion by Real People™" means promoting an authentic portrayal of fashion. We believe that fashion is for everyone, and that everyone should have the opportunity to feel confident and inspired when it comes to their personal style.

We have made it our mission to showcase the world of fashion through they eyes of real people. Come join us!

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